Print on Demand Apparel Listing

Print on Demand Apparel listing that allows you to find POD supplier can supply the Apparel you are looking for and Apparel that you had not thought of. I will be adding new suppliers to and updating the existing Print on Demand Listings on a regular basis. If there a Print on Demand supplier that … Read more

Create a Shop on Facebook for Amazon Affiliate Links

This post will show you how to Make a Facebook Store that will allow you to use URL links for products on other sites to sell on facebook.

Create a shop on Facebook

The first thing that you need to do in order to create a shop on Facebook that will allow you to use Amazon links is creating your store page.

You do this by opening Facebook and in the upper right corner, there is a triangle pointing down.  If you click this triangle it will bring up a menu like in the image below.

In this menu, you will click the “Create Page” menu item.

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Originally posted 2018-09-23 14:39:21.

Create Amazon Affiliate Links using SiteStripe

This Tutorial will show you how to Create Amazon Affiliate Links using SiteStripe. This will allow you to advertise your products on different website. You will also be able to use this process to get affiliate links to place on your own website. When you log into Amazon it should show the Amazon Associates SiteStripe … Read more

Amazon Affiliate Setup

Do not try and use your Amazon affiliate account to purchase Amazon products. You cannot send Amazon affiliate links via Email. It is actually pretty easy to sign up to be an Amazon Affiliate. The first thing you need to do is go The below web page will open in a new tab. I … Read more