Amazon Affiliate Setup

Do not try and use your Amazon affiliate account to purchase Amazon products. You cannot send Amazon affiliate links via Email.

It is actually pretty easy to sign up to be an Amazon Affiliate. The first thing you need to do is go The below web page will open in a new tab. I will also be linking to the buttons when possible.

Amazon Affiliate Signup

You will then need to click the Join Now for Free button. The below page will open.

Once the above screen opens, you will want to click on the Create you Amazon account button. And the below page will open.

After you complete the Create account page, another page will open up that looks like the following image.

After you fill in the above information, it might pop up an Address Suggestion to change the address to a suggested address. When you click next the below screen will pop up. Make sure you read the instructions on this page it tells you when your account will be reviewed and how to enter information like Facebook URLs.

Important Instructions.

On this screen you will enter your website(s) on the left side. If you are going to put affiliate links on a website like Facebook, make sure you add it here. You will be able to add links to this page in the future.

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Once you have entered your website information on this site, click the Next button. The page will update and a small paragraph will be on below the two boxes. This is to verify if your site is primarily directed at children under 13. After you select YES the button at the will say “Next”. If you click NO it will display CONFIRM.

The below page will pop up. I am not going to go into detail on each field, if you have questions, please leave a comment in the comment section or on the Contact Me page.

Once you have filled in the above page and click Next the Identity Verification will page will open.

On the above screen, you will enter your phone number and click the Call Me Now button. You will receive an automated call from Amazon asking for the 4 digit PIN code that pops up on the screen when you enter your number and hit the Call Me Now Button. You will enter this PIN code using your phone. This is to verify your identity. Click the next button and the below screen opens.

After reading and agreeing to the terms and conditions, click the Finish Button. The final screen will pop up.

Congratulations to Amazon Affiliate Program

You can enter your payment and tax information now or later. I will be creating a couple more Tutorials to show how to enter your payment and tax information, and on the various ways to add links to products and using amazon ads on your website.

One Final very important paragraph that you need to TOTALLY understand. Do not try and use your amazon affiliate account to purchase amazon products. You cannot send amazon affilate links via Email.

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