create a shop on Facebook
Creating a Facebook Store for MBA

After you click the “Create Page” menu item the “Create a Page” webpage will open as shown below.

Facebook Shops

On this “Create a Page” webpage you will click the get “Get Started” button below the Business or Brand section.

As you click on the Get Started the Create a Page Webpage will change to the below where you will name your new page and pick a category for it.

When you hit continue it will ask for your address. 

After you have entered all the data requested, hit the continue button.  It will then change to an Add A Profile Picture web page.

It will then ask for an Cover page for your store.  It is almost identical to the add profile picture page, so I am going to skip this graphic.

Once you upload the profile and cover pictures or click skip, your page will open.  

Creating Your Facebook Shop

The next step to create a shop on Facebook is to look on this page in the left sidebar you will see a menu like in the graphic below and you will hit “See More” to have the web page show the “Shop” menu item.

Once you have clicked the “See more” menu item the menu will expand as shown below.

After you click the “Show More” menu item, and it expands, you will need to click the “Shop” menu item to actually create your Shop.  The following screen will popup.

Now you will need to create the “Get Started” button. 

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Chris Stefanovich

Wow this is great had my store up and running in minutes thanks to your walk thru. U Da Man.


This is great thank you!
I did create a shop on my page to actually put my Merch tshirts and Etsy shops items as well. I wanted to have my Instagram Business Shopping Option working with that page. The shopping option to tag product never shown up in my Instagram after a week now….I tried many things and it never worked….I think it will never work and I don’t know why.
I wanted to know about the affiliate links, I guess you mean after I click on my product in the manage section and Amazon is directing me to the product page in their store, the url address on the top ? I am new to Merch so I don’t know everything for sure. I guess this is the address I put for my product? Thank you !


Thank you for this… What you’ve done is simple and effective.

However I just need clarification on two points please…

1. “This is a very important, in order to setup the store to use URLs for the products, you have to select that the store is not in the United States.”

Can you expand?

Also why is that… Isn’t the URLs for the products based in USA?

2. Make sure that you are using your Amazon Affiliate Link for the URL

Is that a Merch By Amazon Affiliate Link for the URL?

If yes, where would I find that?

Thank you.

Keep up the good work.


Very useful walk-through, thank you. Please can you clarify something – can we add our MBA products from and as well as If so, and you choose US$ as default currency, what currency do you use when putting in prices for products sold on Amazon UK and Germany? Thanks.


Okay… Thank you,


Any way to change the country location from USA to something else of an already existing page or do I need to create a brand new business page for this to work?