Create Amazon Affiliate Links using SiteStripe

This Tutorial will show you how to Create Amazon Affiliate Links using SiteStripe. This will allow you to advertise your products on different website. You will also be able to use this process to get affiliate links to place on your own website.

When you log into Amazon it should show the Amazon Associates SiteStripe at the top of the screen. The SiteStripe will look like the below picture.

Amazon Associates SiteStripe

To Create a Text Link

This is actually the easiest way to link to a specific item on Amazon. All you need to get a text link is click on the Get Link: Text button and window will popup.

You will notice in the above image that there is a Short Link and a Full Link. Normally shorten links are not allowed by Amazon, except if you use their shorted link.

You also can see that you can select Store ID and Tracking ID if you have setup multiple stores and or Tracking IDs to allow better tracking of where the link clicks are coming from. The only time you will need to use the Get Link button is if you change the Store ID or Tracking ID.

You can just paste this link where you want to link to the product. This is what I post on FaceBook or in my Product Posts on this site. If you want to post high-resolution images you either have to sign up for the
Amazon Product Advertising API or save the images to your computer and upload where you want them.

Watch about signing up for the Amazon Product Advertising API, you have to have so a good amount of quality informational pages on your website. If you do not and you sign up, there is a very good chance that you will lose your Amazon Affiliate Account.

To Create an Image Link

To create an image link all you need to do is click the Get Link: Image button and the following windows will pop up.

Copy the generated HTML and paste it where you want the image to show up. Below is an example of what the image looks like.

To Create a Text + Image Link

The final way to use the SiteStripe to create an Amazon Affiliate Link is to Click on the Get Link: Text+Image button. This option has a couple of options. You can select “Open link in new tab” or “Show border”. This biggest thing you have to know about this type of link is that it creates an iframe. Iframes are more limited where you can put them.

As you can see above the Text+Image option can be more limited and harder to place.

This is the 3 easiest ways to create Amazon Affiliate Links using SiteStripe. I will be creating a couple more posts on how to create Amazon Ads to place on your site or other pages and other ways of creating Amazon Affiliate links. I also will be discussing the way I capture High Resolution images from the Amazon website.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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